A dish as simple as Caprese salad relies on top quality ingredients to deliver the true flavours of its native Capri.

We couldn’t ask for better than Laverstoke Park buffalo mozzarella. Not only is it every bit as good, if not better, than the Italian version, it is also organic and has almost zero food miles.

The mozzarella is made with milk from the water buffalo who graze in the 2,500-acre farm in north Hampshire. Buffalo have higher protein milk and lower cholesterol meat than cows.  Producer Jody Scheckter believes the slower-growing, rare breeds produce healthier animals that taste better.

The water buffalo are free range and live outside for the best part of the year nourished by pastures planted with 31 different herbs, clovers and grasses.

If you are used to eating the usual mozzarella sold in the UK you will likely notice a difference. Laverstoke Park mozzarella is firmer on the outside but oozes gorgeous fresh creamy milkiness in the middle.

When it’s really fresh many southern Italians prefer to eat mozzarella on its own with their hands.

Here at Rossini at the Leatherne Bottel we let the mozzarella speak for itself with a classic Caprese salad, just mozzarella, beef tomato, fresh basil, oregano and olive oil.

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